In our ‘HELLO DOLLIES” doll club in Sun City Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada, we had a challenge and had to use different items we found around the home to make a doll body.  I used a can, a water bottle and a spool of thread for the body.  I glued these parts together.


  I dressed this can, water bottle and spool with a dress and needle felted her head, scarf and cuffs.

For this May Mystery Challenge, we had to use 1 small rubber chicken and 1 tin can.  The following items had to be visible:  3 buttons: 1 red, 1 character and 1 – one inch or larger.  We had to use 1 zipper, any size, any color;  3 or more feathers  and 1 clothes pin, any shape.  The challenge was sponsored by the Las Vegas Silver Doll-ers doll club.

   Since I love to needle felt, I made a magician.  His bow tie is a clothes pin, his jacket has a zipper down the front.  He is holding a yo yo of large buttons. His pockets have a red button and a fancy button on it.  The  chicken  sits  in a magician’s hat which is filled with feathers.

    I named him Gedalya after my oldest grandson.

   He received two awards:  1st for THE BEST USES
                                           2nd for CUTEST

"GEDALYA THE MAGICIAN" was also published
on page 60 in the March 2009 issue of
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I belong to the "Southern Nevada Handweavers & Spinners Guild, Inc." AKA "Fiber Arts Guild".

We were each to bring in a brown paper bag with enough stuff to create a "masterpiece" related to weaving.   My bag contained 3 different colors of yarn.  I decided to weave Adela's body on my large peg loom, needle felt her head, and sew and stuff her arms and legs.  This doll is a combination of my "California Rag Doll" and my "Woven Tapestry and Needle Felted Doll"- except this doll is longer in size.
My Sun City Doll Club had a Thrift Doll challenge.  We went to a Salvation Army store and had to buy different items to make up a doll.  I bought a plastic wine goblet, a candle holder, an old fashion orange squeezer, a skein of brown yarn, and a turquoise cotton shirt that I cut up.  I painted the face with acrylic paint.
The items glued together but not dressed yet
The finished doll