February 17 and March 19, 2016
Nikita - “Weaving a Scarf”
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Nikita recently took my “Introduction to Weaving” class which is also on my website.    Class2015Nov16_2016Jan8NikitaIntroToWeaving.html 

Since her goal is to weave baby wraps she wanted to practice the technique by weaving a scarf which is narrower and shorter than a baby wrap.

She came to my home with many colors of 8/2 cotton. I gave her a narrow piece of cardboard and had her wrap her yarn in the order that she wanted it to be threaded on her loom.  This way she could see if she liked how one color looked next to another color.  Below you can see how her warp looks on the loom. 

As I mentioned on her “Introduction to Weaving” page, Nikita is in the Air Force.  Below are two pictures of her in her uniform.
Threading the heddles.
Reed is now threaded.
Warp is wound onto the back of the loom.
All set to weave.
Nikita, a happy weaver.
Nikita wearing her Air force uniform.
Nikita's first scarf.