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Gedalya set up his tripod in the Nevada Room of our home and took
6 different pictures of himself and using Photoshop created this photo.
Gedalya created this picture of 5 of me showing several of the many fiber arts that I enjoy creating.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS: There are too many to count (well actually three).  I figured I would try to cover them all in this picture.  This picture is made up of words only.
For most of my teen years art has been my answer to life. Nothing compares to taking a beautiful picture, or creating an interesting photo manipulation on the computer. It gave me an identity and let me spread and share that identity with world.

I am going into Graphic Design for a career because I feel it can help form and refine my talent and enable me to better express myself artistically to the world. I want people to see my work and as they pass by it, take a second look. My dream is for them to be impacted by it in a deep, stirring, yet positive way. Then, they in turn would pass that feeling along to someone else who does the same, over and over again. In short, my dream is to have a hand in changing our tomorrow for the better with my creations. I believe attending the Graphic Design program at “The Art Institute” would be the perfect way for me to accomplish my dream. 

When I was thinking of a picture to make that symbolized the theme “You Can Create Tomorrow”, I first focused on only “the results”, such as what comes after you create or the actual thing you create. However, I realized I was missing the most important aspect of creating tomorrow…and that is the process of creation itself. When I am creating I am locked into my own private world. A world that is only full of inspiration, possibilities and artistic expression.  I lose myself in this wonderful world and time stands still. All I see is the art that I am working on. Every object around me becomes a source of inspiration. Like a mundane printer sitting next to me that becomes an object which possesses unique shapes and colors, or the song I am listening to that inspires an idea because of its mood and message. Every aspect of my environment is a source of inspiration and creativity.  In a way the process of “creating” is a journey that’s destination is your finished art work. On this journey you learn so much and it is really what makes the final image, song or painting that much more beautiful.

With this image I made, I try to capture the idea of creation and how I see it. You see the picture through my eyes as I am making the graphic on the monitor. However, the monitor is not the main subject rather it is the finished product, the end result of hard work…the tomorrow. No, the real subject is the world around the monitor. Every object is covered and emitting the words “you can create”. This is symbolizing the inspiration that can be derived from the world around me and the journey, the process of creation. At the end of the day in order to create tomorrow, we first must be able to create, because it is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination.   GEDALYA