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Devorah spent a very creative week with us in Las Vegas.  Several years ago I taught her the basics of crochet.  She now crochets baby blankets, baby booties, toys, scarves and hats both for sale and to donate to hospitals. She has been giving crochet lessons where she lives.  She even helped me with my crocheting.
Devorah is crocheting Harold the Seahorse
Adding the eyes on Harold the Seahorse
Front View of Harold the Seahorse
Left side view of Harold the Seahorse
Rear view of Harold the Seahorse
Right side view of Harold the Seahorse
Devorah crocheted "Harold the Seahorse" to give to a child and crocheted many scarves.  I bought her 32 skeins of yarn for these beautiful ruffled scarves and before she left for home she had crocheted a number of them which she plans to sell.
Devorah crocheting one of her beautiful scarves
Devorah modeling her blues and green scarf
Devorah modeling her reddish crocheted scarf
Devorah modeling the maroon and pink scarf she crocheted
When she was at our home the last time, she started to needle felt a figure.  This time she finished "Zaidy Fishel", a very handsome one tooth guy. 
Devorah creating her needle felted doll
Devorah needle felting her male doll
Showing needle felted doll and felting needles
Devorah's needle felted doll - almost done
A hat is very important for this doll
Devorah named her doll Zaidy Fishel
Full view of Devorah and Zaidy Fishel
Close-up of Zaidy Fishel
A couple of weeks before she came to visit I asked her if she would like to learn how to weave on a triangular loom where when you weave one side the other side gets woven at the same time. She wove a triangle and she said when she returns she wants to weave other triangles on this portable loom and crochet them together for either a blanket or a stole.
Just starting - Blue yarn
Devorah is learning how to triangular weave
Close-up of triangular weaving - Blue yarn
Triangular weaving with Yellow yarn
Devorah weaving on a different triangular loom
Finished triangular piece - Yellow yarn
Full view holding her finished triangular piece