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  My husband and I spent about two weeks visiting our daughter, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren. 
In that time Yaakov Zev turned 3 years old and had his first haircut and Chaya Nessa just turned 6 years old.  The two of them love to do arts and crafts together.

  I taught Devorah, age 12,  how to do macrame and she made a bracelet of square knots.  She
also started to make a necklace with square knots and spirals.  During this trip she also made a
wet felted picture and started to needle felt a head.

  Gedalya, now 16 years old,  loves to go target shooting with his Grandpa Al. He is a fantastic
photographer and is wonderful at making slideshows into fantastic productions.  He is now
getting paid for his work, therefore he is now called a professional.  We're so proud of him.

  These are the latest pictures that we took of our grandchildren.  I hope you enjoy them too.
Chaya Nessa,
age 6, weaving
on a peg loom
Yaakov Zev
and Chaya Nessa
creating with clay
Chaya Nessa and her peg loom
Chaya Nessa, age 6, and
Yaakov Zev, just turned 3,
Devorah learning macrame
Yaakov Zev, Chaya Nessa and Devorah wearing her macrame bracelet
Devorah's macrame bracelet
Devorah, age 12, needle felting
Devorah's wet felted flower picture with embroidered edges
Devorah holding her wet felted picture
Devorah's creative wall
My husband Al, age 6?, and our
  Grandson Gedalya, age 16
Gedalya and his target
Yaakov Zev before his haircut
Yaakov Zev after his haircut
Yaakov Zev creating with clay after his haircut
Yaakov Zev
playing with
Zlati, Chaya Nessa and Yaakov Zev

Yaakov Zev