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Little Miss Miracle
I wove her dress on a small tapestry loom that I had not used before.  I was not happy with the selvedges / edges so I sewed the two seams of the skirt together into a circle.

I then made the body of the doll but found that since I had sewed the skirt together I couldn’t fit the skirt over the doll’s body with her legs.  So – I put the body aside, cut the length of the legs down and sewed the legs together.  I was then able to slip the woven skirt over the legs.

However, since the dress was closed all around I had to sew the arms onto the back of the dress just like you would do with wings.

I then needle felted her head/face and crocheted her hat and the cuffs on her sleeves.  That’s why I call her “Little Miss Miracle”.  S0 – If something goes wrong just change it into something you might like even better.