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    LYNN is wearing a two piece outfit that I wove  on  my loom.  I used a 4/2 variegated cotton  to  represent a light color and a 3/8 wool to represent a dark color. The  weave is a 8 harness  Diagonal  Shadow weave. Betty Vera  gave  a  workshop  to the Frances Irwin Handweavers in New Jersey in  2005  called  “Planned  Color  Surprises:  Weaving  with  Variegated  Yarns”.  The  pattern was  taken  from  the book “200 Patterns for Multiple Harness  Looms:    5  to 12  Harness  Patterns  for Handweavers” by  Russell  E.  Groff, page 100.

     Lynn and her clothes are my own design.

This is the fabric that I wove and cut for Lynn’s dress.