June 3, 4, 9, 11, 2015
Nancy Shinder - Beginning Weaving
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Nancy Shinder took my "Beginning Weaving" class on June 3,4,9,11, 2015. She started out by winding her warp on my warping board using 4 different colors.  Each color would give her a width of about 3".

She then transferred her warp onto the back of the loom and then threaded it first through the heddles  which determines the threading pattern.  For this class each color was threaded differently.  Next she threaded her warp through the reed which determined how many threads per inch her warp would be.  The next step would be to tie her threaded warp onto the front of the loom to get ready for weaving.  

Her warp was about 12" wide which gave for 4 patterns each 3" wide.  She then started to weave 15 different treadling patterns which are accomplished by pressing the levers on her loom in different combinations.  If you multiply 4 patterns by 15 different treadling options you get 60 different completed patterns.  

I also taught her how to read and understand how patterns are designed and she even had a chance to design her own pattern on the weaving program on my computer. 

She was an excellent student and I was so proud of what she accomplished. 
Winding the warp on the warping board.
Close-up of winding the warp.
My colors are wonderful.
Threading the heddles.
Progress threading the heddles.
The heddles are almost threaded.
Threading the reed.
Threading the reed - rear view.
The heddles and reed are threaded.
Back view of loom - warp wound on back, heddles and reed threaded.
Tying warp on the front of the loom.
Getting ready to weave.
On to the next pattern.
Making progress.
Looking good.
Taking a Las Vegas water break.
Closeup of weave.
On to the next pattern.
Weaving finished - cutting warp off loom.
Almost all cut off.
Tying knots onto finished sampler.
My finished sampler - Side 1.
My finished sampler - Side 2.