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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
September 9-10, 2019 - Susan 
“Woven Tapestry and Needle Felted Doll”
Susan DiRocco just finished taking my “Introduction to Weaving” class and decided that she wanted to now take my “Woven Tapestry and Needle Felted Doll” class where she would learn how to needle felt. 

For this class I gave her a Harrisville 7” metal potholder loom, various sizes of felting needles, step by step instructions on how to create this woven doll with a needle felted face, eye lashes, legs made out of felt fabric and anything else that she needed. She brought her own yarn for the body and crocheted the doll’s legs and arms.  

​I was so proud of her and her wonderful creation that she named after me – “Madame M.” I am flattered.  

She already told me which doll that she would like to make next. When that doll is completed I will add the pictures to my website.  

Plain weave at begnning of weaving.
Weaving a dress on her potholder loom.
Rya knots are made with plain weave in between.
Progress is made.
A happy weaver.
Weaving plain weave on the opposite end of the loom.
Skirt is finished. Working on the blouse.
Finished dress.
< - >
Susan holding her doll's woven dress.
Forming the needle felted head.
Shaping the doll's mouth.
Working on the eyes.
Looking great.
She's looking cute.
Almost finished.
All finished. Her name is Madame M. 
 Susan named her after me.