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Our granddaughter, Devorah, now 14 years old, came to visit us from June 13 
thru July 8, 2010.  During that time she helped me complete a blanket for her 
younger sister on my 16 shaft computerized loom. After we took the blanket off 
the loom she wove on this loom and then constructed a bag from her woven 
fabric. I had her do every step needed before she actually wove.  She wound 
her warp on the warping board, wound it on the loom, threaded the heddles 
and the reed, tied it onto the front of the loom and then wove.  She wove the 
strap for her bag on my inkle loom. She then took a one day quilting class with 
me, and a three day doll class from a friend of mine (pictures of the doll at a 
later time).  My daughter wanted her to learn how to read patterns to make 
clothing so we bought a skirt pattern and Devorah made a skirt with pockets. 
We then took a ride to JoAnn Fabric where I bought her supplies for locker 
hooking, crewel embroidery and needlepoint.  I had just learned locker hooking 
at my weaving guild so I taught it to Devorah.  She loved doing it.  Before she 
flew back home she started her crewel embroidery and her needlepoint.  We 
had lots of creative fun together as always.
Devorah weaviing on the computer loom.
Devorah finishing her sister's blanket.
 Chaya Nessa's blanket.
Threading the heddles for her bag on the loom.
Winding her warp for her bag.
Devorah's pattern on my laptop.
Closeup of Devorah's  bag on my loom.
Devorah weaving the strap of her bag on my  inkle loom.
Weaving has begun.
Devorah wearing her finished handwoven bag.
Devorah holding her fairy quilt.
Devorah's Fairy quilt on left, mine on the right.
Laying out her skirt pattern.
Devorah working on her skirt.
Devorah wearing the skirt she made.
Devorah is locker hooking.
Devorah and I took a wonderful class with my friend, Fran 
Parrigan Meehan.  We learned to  make her "Brenda Fae" 
doll.  In the first picture Devorah is holding both of our dolls. 
 In the second picture she is holding her own "Brenda Fae".