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Working on the skirt.
It is so much fun to be creative.
She's working on a new crocheted doll.
The doll needs a face.
Looking wonderful.
Hair is added.
Front view - all finished.
Back view.
Devorah's working on a landscape wall hanging.
Looking good.
Ironing as you go is important.
A lot of sewing is required.
She used all the fancy stitches on my sewing machine.
Trimming the edges are important.
Back of piece - you can see her 
quilting stitches if you look closely. 
Looking beautiful - front view.
Working on the quilt binding.
Hand finishing the binding to the quilt.
Devorah's quilt is finished - front view.
Close-up of Devorah's finished quilt.
Back of the finished quilt showing 
the label with her name and date. 
Close-up of Devorah's 
name label on her quilt.
Show and Tell.
Show and Tell.
Close-up of Chaya Nessa's work.
A happy Chaya Nessa showing her creations.
Chaya Nessa and her creations.
Chaya Nessa.
Devorah and her two crocheted  creations.
Close-up of Devorah's crocheting.
My friend Angie Sohnly's quilted 
wall hanging with beads on it.
Devorah's room 1.
Devorah's room 2.
Devorah's room 3.
Gedalya holding one of his many posters.
From Gedalya's Portfolio Book.
Another page from his Portfolio Book.
And another.
And another.
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