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    Our daughter and her four children, our grandchildren, came to visit 
during school vacation- December 2006.  The girls and I had fun doing 
crafts together.  Our oldest grandson, Gedalya, now age 14, spent time 
sightseeing with his Grandpa Al and the baby, Yaakov Zev, spent his 
time exploring our home.  The following are photos of what the girls created.  
Chaya Nessa is now 4 years old.  She is sewing her first quilt on Grandma 
Maurine’s sewing machine.  I raised up the foot pedal for her so she could 
reach it, cut strips of fabric and helped her guide her fabric on the sewing 
machine.  Every time I told her to stop sewing so we could straighen out 
the fabric, she did, and then she would say, “You let me sew because I’m 
a good listener”.
Chaya Nessa’s finished quilt which was 
made from strips of flannel fabric.
Closeup of Chaya Nessa’s quilt.
This is Devorah’s latest creation. 
She is now 10 years old.  She wove 
the background on a peg loom and 
then needle felted a doll’s head and 
bodice on top of her woven piece.
This is a closeup of Devorah’s woven /needle 
felted creation.  When we showed it to my friends 
they all thought that I had made it.  She did the 
entire piece by herself.  I’m so proud of her. 
Devorah is getting ready to weave at my big loom.
After Devorah completed her woven/tapestry 
wall hanging she decided to make a bag.  
We cut strips of fabric using the California 
Rag technique and she wove her bag on a 
peg loom.
Devorah’s woven pocketbook in progress.
Devorah’s finished pocketbook.
Closeup of 
the finished