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Maurine's Nature's Beauty
I took a wonderful class called "Nature's 
Beauty" from my friend, Fran Parrigan 
Meehan, on April 30 to May 1, 2009.  
She gave us a wire dress form,which I 
am including so you can see what we 
used,  lots and lots of fabric, cheese 
cloth, holeless beads and much much 
more.  We use a product called 
PAVERPOL which is a water-based 
household and textile hardener.  We 
took our fabric and dunked it into the 
Paverpol, squeezed it out and spread it 
over our dress form shaping it as we 
went.  She also added a surprise for us, 
a little baby that we made which I hid 
under the skirt. When everything was 
dry it was hard as a rock and looked like 
a statue. This is the "Nature's Beauty" 
that I made.